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Assignment #6

I thought the bird was pretty. I think its amazing how he can imitate 10 differnt other bird calls.

I also thought its tail was the most amazing part. and how the feathers on it are paper thin.

This clip inidcates that civilization is affecting the natural world in all kinds of way. Just like the bird can imitate things the natural world is indicating that of civilization.


Assignment #4

The media potrays the perfect body as being tall, thin, and having the biggest boobs and butt possible. It portrays having the perfect life as having a big nice house, fast car, and the best-looking person as your spouse.

The image the media is portraying is bad. Its causing women to starve themselves, spend tons of money on dieting products, and make up to try and make themself better. The image the media portrays depressed alot of teenage girls because they want to look like that.


Assignment #3

 This witch is very different from the Puritan witches of Salem. The witches of Salem were accused to be witches for nothing at all. The puritan witches would be considered witches if they were even dancing or having fun. Witches today are supposed to be green and scary, back then you could be considered a witch if someone didnt like you and wanted to get rid of you. There is a huge difference.

Assignment #2

This assignment showed me how great of a misconception i have about race and ethnicity. At first i thought this was going to be easy but when i found out the results i found how hard it really was. To be honest, i used skin color to try and determine what ethnicty they were. Yes, it is important to realize about ourselves because not all people can tell what ethnicity you are.

This is a good venue for expressing yourself.  I haven never used a blog for a class assignment. I predict this assignment will be very interestiong. I actually look forward to this because its a new way to have class assignments

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